Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff Tour ‘The Contemporary Prince of Bel-Air’ Mansion

We’ve been seeing A LOT of The Contemporary Prince of Bel-Air content material these days, from the brand new sequence coming to Peacock to the reunion on HBO MAX. Will Smith has been celebrating and searching again at his iconic position within the sequence and there’s extra. Joined by DJ Jazzy Jeff, the 2 return to the previous home from the present for a tour.

Download below 👇

Within the video above, you may see Will and Jeff enter, examine the rooms, the pool and a number of the recollections made there in the course of the span of the sequence. Ashley, Geoffrey, Ant Viv and Hillary even cease by to test it out.

As you most likely know, Smith has turned the Bel-Air mansion into an AirBnB for $30 an evening. Bookings will open up on September 29, 2020.

Joyful thirtieth anniversary to The Contemporary Prince.

Written by Kinq Balin

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