Sabrina Claudio – On My Shoulders

Sabrina Claudio - On My Shoulders

Sabrina Claudio returns with another new classic hit record song titled On My Shoulders

For all we know, Sabrina Claudio could hit us with a new project tonight and surprise fashion. We’ve been enjoying her videos and singles so far, though, and this new one might be our favorite out of the batch visually. In the “On My Shoulders” clip, Sabrina can be seen sitting in a chair with nothing under her blazer, as another female steps to her and starts caressing her shoulders and chest. Turns out, it’s her doing it to herself. When she says, “Because I got two” — that’s when shit got real. For the rest of the video, we see another Mrs. Claudio pop up in lingerie, to signify the two devils by her side.

Available for free download and streaming below