Joe Budden Alleges Raqi Thunda Leaked Cyn Santana Audio, She Responds

Joe Budden Alleges Raqi Thunda Leaked Cyn Santana Audio, She Responds

Joe Budden has been a subject of discussion after a phone call between him and baby mama Cyn Santana leaked, where Cyn accused him of chasing and dragging her. Moments later, he was accused of masturbating his dogs in Cyn Santana’s legal papers.

“You guys said I beat women up… again. You guys said that I f*cked my dog and it was heavy on me yesterday,” the podcaster said in a live video addressing the situation.

Budden denies that he molested any of his pets. “I love animals. I love my dogs who died. Rest in peace to Brooklyn and Harlem. They’re turning in their grave reading all this bullsh*t.”

Joe blames former friend and LHHNY star Raqi Thunda allegedly leaking the phone call between him and Cyn Santana. He called her “toxic” and said that Cyn no longer speaks with her.

During Cyn’s video message following the leak, she does not name Raqi, but she mentions a “sister” who betrayed her trust.

According to Raqi, Joe asked her to get close to Cyn Santana so she could spy on her for him. “You asked me to manage Cyn after your breakup because you thought I would help you keep tabs on her movement like where she was and who she was keeping company with.”

“When I made it clear that as a friend to both of you I wouldn’t be involved with putting her in a dangerous position to feed you info that will put you in a position to lose what you were working for because you’re a known loose cannon that’s when you lost your sh*t,” she wrote.

Raqi continued, “As a woman I chose to no longer play wingman to you toxic relationships and made the choice to sacrifice me time, money, and resources to help Cyn because lord knows it was desperately needed in multiple ways!”

Written by Raps-Up