50 Cent Responds To Dr. Dre’s Daughter Truly Young

50 Cent Responds To Dr. Dre’s Daughter Truly Young

50 Cent was highly disrespected by Dr. Dre’s daughter Truly Young. He must have actually felt some type of way after his friend’s daughter balantly told him to shut up.

Typically, the Power executive producer was the one who stepped on Truly’s tail after he slammed her mother Nicole Young for demanding a ridiculous amount of money in spousal support and legal fees amid divorce drama.

“Haha… coming from an ugly, washed up, early 2000s rapper who filed for bankruptcy and is only envious of my family’s wealth and lifestyle. Have fun spending the rest of your savings on steroids. F*ck you,” Truly wrote in the comments section of The Shade Room.

She then took to Instagram story to drag Fif even more. “disgusting.” “The blatant misogyny and disrespect by ignorant men that is bring shown is absolutely fucking disgusting and vile. Calling my mother, my dad’s wife, a bitch is unforgivable,” Truly wrote.

“50, your marketing schemes are as low life and disgusting as you are. Using a photo of my parents and I solely to gain attention for yourself exemplifies a lot of things wrong with the world right now.”

As you’d expected, 50 has now reacted to the disrespect, sharing a picture to accurately describe his reaction to her rant. The picture shows 50 Cent looking perplexed as he stares into his phone with a cigar burning in his other hand.

“Dr dre’s daughter told me to shut the fuck up. LOL,” he captioned the post.


Written by Reed Tucker

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