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Drake – Omertà / Money in the Grave ft. Rick Ross

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Drizzy returns with new double songs Omertà and Money in the Grave featuring Rick Ross.

Drake – Omertà / Money in the Grave (feat. Rick Ross)

As promised, Drake has released new music to celebrate the Toronto Raptors winning their first ever NBA Championship. According to the 6 God himself, this was already planned, but considering his NBA team won the title, it only propelled him to do it faster and for a purpose. In The Best In The World Pack double single we get “Omertà,” which is that hip-hop Drizzy reflecting music, while “Money in the Grave” with Rick Ross has that club bounce for those ratchet nights this summer. LIL CC LET IT SLAP WITH THE BASS!

Two songs, different vibes. Pick your poison. The 6 God is coming this summer. Bet that.



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