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Cardi B Wears Racy Fishnet Dress With Offset At Takeoff’s Surprise Birthday Party

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Happy birthday, Takeoff!
Takeoff had a huge year last year, finally releasing his debut solo album The Last Rocket and proving his status as arguably the strongest lyricist in the Migos. The talented trio has learned to combine their strengths to create something beautiful, becoming one of the most popular rap groups of all time. The youngest of the bunch celebrated his twenty-fifth birthday yesterday with his closest friends, being surprised by a big bash with sweet drinks and lots of love. Although all eyes were on Takeoff, Cardi B managed to steal some of his spotlight when she walked in the spot in a full fishnet dress, leaving very little to the imagination and flaunting her famous curves.

Cardi B is always rocking something glamorous. Last night though, she decided to dress down, pulling through in a bra and panties with black fishnets over her underwear. She showed up with her husband Offset, who helped his family member ring in a new year of life. The theme of the party was pretty sweet — literally — with sugary drinks, candy and cake being served in abundance. “Takeoff’s Drank Factory” was a highlight from the event, which you can see in the video below.

The night was documented on social media with each member of the trio sharing their favourite moments on their stories. Take a look at the fun below.

Source : TMZ